Your essential guide to Team BlueSKY and how to get the very best service from us

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We’re aways looking for new ways to enhance the service we offer to all clients.

So, as our service proposition evolves, we asked Jeremy to share some thoughts on “Team BlueSKY”, and which of our BlueSKY colleagues is best placed to help you.

The last two years can be likened to a mad rollercoaster ride for many of us. During that time, we have all had to get used to working from home, having our movements restricted and social interactions with friends and family limited.  And, we have all become experts at Zoom meetings!

It’s easy to lose track of where we are at times (in fact, I really have to think sometimes about what year we are actually in).

At BlueSKY we are proud to have offered (what we hope you agree to be) a relatively seamless service during the pandemic. We have done our best to maintain high customer service standards throughout these extremely testing times.

During the last two years we have been pleased to welcome several new faces to the team. Most of you will have already had contact with some of our newer staff members and I thought it would be useful to explain how – and who – to approach at BlueSKY when you need help.

The key BlueSKY team members, and who to speak to if you need help

Our Chartered financial planners

At BlueSKY, we have four Chartered financial planners. Our Chartered planners are experts in pension sharing reports and pensions in general. Using the PAG report acronym, they are all Pension on Divorce Experts, or PODEs.

Our paraplanners

In addition, our Chartered financial planners are supported by five “technical experts” (we call them paraplanners).

Our paraplanners help us to prepare the Pension Sharing Report. They provide valuable analysis and input into the creation of every single Pension Sharing Report.

As our team of paraplanners has grown to five, we have recently taken on Nicola to manage the team. Nicola has many years’ experience working as a paraplanner and you will be able to hear more about Nicola and her role and responsibilities in the coming months.

Our client support

In addition to our technical experts, we have three client support administrators who have a combined total of 122 years working in financial services.

They are passionate about providing great service to our clients and have been key to BlueSKY maintaining high standards over the last two years.

Our client support team are the guardians of “best practice” and, in addition to providing exceptional customer service, they are experts at keeping both the Chartered financial planners and paraplanners on the straight and narrow!

Other important team members

We have also recently welcomed Neil to BlueSKY. Neil supports the directors as much as possible (organising diaries, directing client correspondence, taking care of facilities, and so on). Essentially, Neil gets involved with anything that he can help with!

Finally, Liz is our HR and finance director. Liz makes sure that the staff are happy, and that the bills are paid.

How the team provides a seamless service

As I hope the above demonstrates, we are passionate about providing a great service to our clients and solicitor contacts. We have invested in unparalleled levels of support to ensure that we consistently offer you a truly comprehensive and personal service.

To that end, you can contact anyone at BlueSKY and should expect your enquiry to be addressed efficiently and professionally.

To try and make dealing with your enquiry as seamless as possible, it’s worth noting the following:

  • If you email your planner, rest assured that you will receive a reply – especially as Neil monitors our planners’ inboxes.
  • If your enquiry is administrative in nature (for example, checking on the progress of your report or providing additional forms or information) then it is probably best to contact our client support team. Email or call 0118 9876655.
  • If you are waiting for us to put together your Pension Sharing Report, it is highly likely that you will have some interaction by phone or email with a member of our paraplanning team. They may need to contact you to obtain missing information not picked up previously or to ask for current values of any pensions involved. Again, please call 0118 9876655 if you wish to get in contact with one of our paraplanners.

At BlueSKY we want to ensure that you get the best service that we can provide. We are one big team, and we all work together to try and create a great business that will be able to support our clients for many years to come.

While you always have access to your planner, please be assured that the planners are just the tip of a large iceberg that has been put together in an effort to provide great support.

Get in touch

If you have any queries about the way we work, or if you would like to work more closely with us, email or call us on 01189 876655.