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Getting professional financial advice has many advantages, but it’s important that you choose an adviser who’s right for you.

When you started a relationship with your financial adviser, you probably did so with the expectation that it would last a lifetime. It is very important that the person you work with is a “good fit” and fully understands your needs. Aside from a doctor and people outside of your family circle, your financial adviser is likely to know more about your personal circumstances than anybody else.

But circumstances change, and you may now want a new financial adviser who can meet your needs from here on.

What our clients say about us

The questions we will help you answer

Your existing adviser has sold their business and you’re now being looked after by a bigger company that lacks the personal touch

You’re disappointed with the service you get from your current firm and feel that your needs aren’t being fully catered for

You’re concerned about the level of fees that you pay and want to understand what value you might get elsewhere

The performance of your investments hasn’t been as good as you’d hoped for and your current adviser hasn’t clearly explained why

Your current adviser struggles to explain to you what your pensions, savings and investments mean in terms of your desired future lifestyle

You’ve been thinking about moving to a different adviser for a while but are unsure about how this would work in practice

There may be many different reasons behind your dissatisfaction with your current financial adviser, and these reasons will all be personal to your unique situation.

Whatever your motivation, we’d welcome the opportunity to discuss your circumstances and help you understand how you can improve your financial prospects.

Here’s what we do:

  • You can tell us about your current relationship in strictest confidence and explain why it isn’t working as you’d like. We’ll clearly explain how we work best with our clients, and why we think it’s the right way to provide great financial planning.
  • We can analyse your existing pensions, investments, and funds, and explain how our approach may differ.
  • If you think it would be mutually beneficial for us to work together, we’ll begin putting together your financial plan as a first step.
  • If you agree to work with us on an ongoing basis, we’ll explain what steps would be required to transfer the management of your assets to us. We’d clearly explain the advantages and disadvantages of this approach, as well as any costs involved.
Retiring now – James and Lucy, Newbury

James and Lucy had accumulated a number of pensions and investments throughout their working lives. Whilst they felt ready to retire, they were unsure whether they had enough and were keen to establish what they could expect in terms of income.

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