So, what do we do?

Although we regularly write articles on a wide range of financially related topics, we’ve never really addressed the question of what we actually do for our clients.

Some readers will have visions of the commission hungry insurance salesman, but the industry has moved on significantly. Commission has been driven out, products have lower charges, and ‘selling’ has morphed into planning and advice.


A few years ago we re-branded to convey the fact that most of our work involves financial planning rather than being a ‘shop’ for financial products. Although perhaps a bit clichéd, I could summarise what we do as ‘giving financial clarity’. It’s about much more than just getting good investment returns. It involves:-

  • Establishing where you are now (i.e. an analysis of your current personal and financial situation)
  • Understanding where you want to be and when (i.e. how you want things to look in the future)
  • Devising a plan to help you get to where you want to be (ie. a financial plan to join 1 & 2 together)
  • Looking into your financial future can be a ‘light bulb moment’ for some and a wake-up call for others. The benefit in both cases is that at least you know.


Typically, our clients will have the ability to look after their own financial affairs, but lack the inclination and/or the time to do so. They want a trusted partner to work with them, to explain things in plain English and be a sounding board to discuss plans, ideas and goals, however mad they might sound. The charge for the service becomes incidental when compared with the benefits and clarity that a financial plan can bring.


We generally start with an exploratory meeting to establish whether we can help you, and for you to decide whether you feel that you can work with us. On instruction, a bespoke Financial Planning Report will be produced to detail the results of our research and analysis, including any recommendations we may make. This is a fee-based piece of work that you will own and which will show how your goals and objectives can be achieved. If actions are recommended that you agree with, we can help you implement them. We believe that financial planning is a journey rather than a one-off event so you can ask us to keep matters under review with you to check that things are on track.