How to get a Pension Sharing report faster – watch our new webinar

A few months ago we spoke about the impact that Covid-19 has had on the production of Pension Sharing reports. Issues with both valuations and administration have been causing delays, which we know can be frustrating for you and your clients.

To help speed up the process, we also shared some useful, downloadable documents which will assist you when you are considering using the services of BlueSKY.

To further help you obtain Pension Sharing reports in a timely fashion, Mark recently hosted a webinar which provided some tips and tricks to help make requesting a Pension Sharing report from BlueSKY even easier.

This useful webinar explains how you can help us to get these reports produced even faster than we currently do, and covers areas such as:

  • When you need a Pension Sharing report
  • The two ‘routes’ we offer which could help you
  • What you should (and what you shouldn’t) ask for, as this can affect the speed of the response
  • The process that we go through in obtaining a Pension Sharing report
  • How to speed up this process
  • Whether cash flow modelling could help
  • A useful case study example

You can watch the webinar on our brand-new YouTube channel, or you can watch it below.

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