Two new ways to help you and your divorcing clients save time

If a recent article in the Telegraph is to be believed the number of divorce cases is likely to increase as a result of the lockdown.

Many relationships that were fragile before the Covid-19 outbreak have finally been shattered as the stresses and strains of lockdown have added extra pressure to an already difficult situation.

In recent weeks, we have seen a large increase in the number of enquiries that we are getting from both solicitors and divorcing couples direct. From speaking with some of our peers that operate in this field, we know that the demand for pension reports is high and that timescales can be very lengthy.

I am pleased to say that, despite most of us working from home, BlueSKY is managing to provide the same high level of service as we did pre-Covid-19.

However, we realise that because of the way many people work, it isn’t necessarily as easy to grab that paper file out of the cabinet or have everything immediately to hand when someone calls to discuss a case.

To help turn around reports as quickly as possible, and to help everyone involved in the process to save time, we’ve put together some useful documents. These will assist you when you are considering using the services of BlueSKY (or, dare we say it, another PODE).

1. A Pension Report Quotation Request Form

We could almost certainly improve our response time to your quotation requests if you are able to provide most or all of the information detailed in our Quotation Request Form at the first time of asking. It would also help us to improve the accuracy of our fee quotations.

2. A Checklist for Submitting a Letter of Instruction and Attachments to BlueSKY

Hold-ups often occur because we don’t have all of the information needed to start work on the file. This simple checklist has been designed to help you tick off the items required before you send us the instruction.

Whilst there’s nothing groundbreaking here, it’s our attempt to try and save everyone a bit of time along the way, something that we feel is especially important at this time of increased demand and longer delays as far as pension providers are concerned.

We hope you find these documents useful. Don’t forget that there is a whole host of handy information available on the BlueSKY website, including:

Of course, other pension experts are highly likely to want exactly the same level of detail. Feel free to use the documents as a template when dealing with other firms.

We always welcome feedback so please let us know how you get on with the documents that we have created, and what other documents, guides or checklists you might find helpful.

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