Download your simple guide to the pensions Lifetime Allowance

Last month, we shared with you a complete guide to the pensions Lifetime Allowance (LTA).

We received lots of positive feedback from this article and there was lots of interest in the issues that it raised. So, to help you further, we have put together a simple two-page infographic which explains:

  • What the Lifetime Allowance is and how it works
  • What Lifetime Allowance Protection is
  • Why the Lifetime Allowance is relevant to you and your clients
  • What you should look out for and ask
  • Where you can get help.

Click here to download this guide

Helping you and your clients navigate the LTA

In our article, we highlighted that the LTA legislation is a complex area and we explained that family lawyers should be sensitive to cases where LTA issues may be present. This is especially the case because some of the issues relating to the LTA will not be immediately apparent.

Questions often need to be asked regarding pension contribution histories and whether LTA Protection Certificate(s) exist. Some of this ‘investigation work’ can be done by a regulated adviser, as will any guidance on the issues to ensure that financial advice is not inadvertently provided.

We’re pensions experts and so we can help you and your clients understand the LTA, and provide advice tailored to their specific circumstances. If you have clients that would benefit from advice, please email or call us on 0118 987 6655.

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We are always looking at ways to make more complex issues easier to understand. So, please let us know if there are any other areas that you would like us to clarify.

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