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When a marriage or relationship breaks down, the life you had envisioned for the future will change.

The aspects that once felt stable – your family, your home, your work and social life – may now feel like they’re hanging in the balance.

Divorce or separation is a difficult, confusing and sensitive time. The decision to separate will have undoubtedly left you questioning the security of your financial future.

The questions we will help you answer

Will my children be okay?

How do we come to a fair settlement?

Do we need a new place to live?

What should we do with our mortgage?

What will happen to my pension?

Am I making the right choices?

A lack of confidence and expertise means that many people going through a separation are looking for guidance; someone to help them make sense of everything and establish a new structure for the future.

We have over 20 years’ experience in sympathetically working with people who are divorcing or separating to secure a stable financial future for their family.

Here’s what we do:

  • We will listen attentively and work with you in a way that is patient, empathetic and uncondescending. We take the time to understand your challenges and anxieties, working through them whilst establishing your goals for the future. We will explain things without jargon, in plain English.
  • We will meet with you, individually or as a couple, to establish how you wish assets to be divided. If necessary, we can also prepare pension sharing reports that can be used in court to detail how pensions should be shared to produce equal incomes.
  • We will work alongside your lawyer, solicitor, mortgage adviser, counsellor or other professional adviser in order to achieve collaborative solutions. We want to ensure the financial, legal and emotional support you are receiving is streamlined and cohesive.
  • We will address your immediate challenges and then look to the future as we plan to secure long-term stability for you and your family. As your circumstances, needs and goals change over time, you can be sure that we will work with you on an ongoing basis to keep your financial future secure.
Life beyond divorce – Helen, Reading

Helen and her husband were in the process of divorcing. They came to us for help in dividing their finance and, additionally, Helen wanted to stop working. We established how the pension fund she received during the divorce could help her fund her desired retirement lifestyle.

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