Life beyond divorce – Helen, Reading


Helen and her husband were in the process of divorcing. They came to us for help in dividing their finance; part of the agreement was for Helen to receive a share of her husband’s pension fund.

Additionally, Helen was working but she didn’t enjoy her job. Her objective was to stop work.

What did BlueSKY do?

After helping the couple to divide their finance, we arranged to meet with Helen regularly to update her on the performance of the pension. During these meetings, we established how the pension fund contributed to her overall financial situation and what her income in retirement might be.

After a recent in-depth annual review, we explored the things that were important to Helen; discussing, in detail, what her income needs were to be if she did stop work. A detailed cashflow analysis demonstrated that she could indeed stop working; her pensions and savings would be sufficient to provide her with the income required.

The results

The day after our review, Helen happily resigned.

We still meet with her on an annual basis, just to ensure she is on track to meet her goals. She’s now relaxed, happy and enjoying life.

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