Retiring now – James and Lucy, Newbury


James and his wife Lucy had accumulated a number of pensions and investments over their working lives.

They were unsure whether or not they could retire soon and wanted to find out how best to access their retirement income.

What did BlueSKY do?

When completing in-depth research into James and Lucy’s financial situation, we tracked down a long lost pension scheme for Lucy and discovered that James could get a significantly enhanced annuity income for part of his pension savings.

We built a robust cashflow model and shared our findings and recommendations with the couple.

The results

We established that James could retire from his job immediately. Additionally, money could be gifted to their children so that James and Lucy could watch them enjoy it. Finally, we rearranged their assets to minimise immediate tax liabilities.

We guided James and Lucy every step of the way as they made the transition from work into retirement. They are now enjoying this new chapter of their lives and can focus on the things that are most important to them.

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