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As a business owner, the rewards and satisfaction that come from watching your enterprise flourish are always worthwhile; but the pressures that come with it can be challenging.

Managing the financial side of both your business and your personal life can often be a time-consuming and painstaking task.

Whatever stage your business is at, you will undoubtedly find yourself asking some important questions.

What our clients say about us

The questions we will help you answer

How do I balance my business and personal financial situation?

How can I minimise tax?

How can I tax-efficiently withdraw money from my business?

How do I maximise the value of my business and minimise the tax bill when its sold?

What about those that succeed me or the staff I’ll leave behind?

What steps do I need to take to enjoy a successful retirement?

As business owners ourselves, we understand how complex managing life at work and life at home can be. We also understand that your time is precious; that’s why we believe you should leave the financial side of business to a professional.

We have over 20 years’ experience in collaboratively working with entrepreneurs to strategically secure their business’ success, as well as their own financial happiness. Having a thorough financial plan in place to manage financial matters, both at work and at home, is the key to attaining peace of mind both now and the future.

Here’s what we do:

  • We take the time to discuss your goals and challenges, both professionally and personally. We want to know your immediate concerns but also your long-term aspirations, including your desired lifestyle for retirement. After all, we will be creating a financial plan that will meet your aspirations, not just your needs.
  • We then take time to understand your plans for the business’ future: whether that’s to sell the business, pass it on through the family or develop a plan for succession.
  • We will then create a financial plan that takes a holistic approach to your business and home life. We will cover all opportunities and eventualities, including how to withdraw money from your business tax-efficiently as well as how to protect your family and business from unforeseen events.
  • We will work with your accountants, solicitors and any other professional advisers to ensure all the legal, tax, accounting and financial advice you get is streamlined and cohesive.
Selling a business – John and Robert, Maidenhead

John and Robert ran a father and son business that John had started 30 years ago. After years of success, an American company had made an offer to buy the business that was too good to refuse; they needed guidance to ensure they were making the right decisions.

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