Selling a business – John and Robert, Maidenhead


John and Robert ran a father and son business that John had started 30 years ago. A buoyant building industry had enabled their business to thrive. After years of success, an American company had made an offer to buy the business that was too good to refuse.

John and Robert needed guidance: what were the first steps to be? What about taxes? Would the sale provide them with sufficient funds for the future?

What did BlueSKY do?

Soul-searching was a big part of the process in helping John, Robert and their families to plan the next steps.

Once aspirations and goals were established, we constructed in-depth financial plans and recommended investments that would help them ensure that their goals became a reality. Security, flexibility, income and inheritance tax considerations all played a part in the recommendations we made.

The results

Sale proceeds provided funds that will last the family several generations.

We still meet regularly with John and Robert to discuss life, their needs and goals; just in case adjustments need to be made. We review plans and discuss new ideas (even the mad ones!). John and Robert view us as part of their trusted team, which we are immensely proud to be a part of.

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