We asked our clients about the benefits of working with BlueSKY. Here’s what they told us

Over the years, one of our main aims has been to deliver a first-class service to clients. Indeed, we recently wrote about how our ownership structure is designed to ensure we deliver a quality financial planning service to those people who work with us.

One way that we ensure we consistently improve is to ask our clients for feedback. By understanding what we do well – and not so well – we can continue to get better and to deliver the high standards our clients expect.

Recently, we asked some of our clients to identify specifically what they felt the benefits of working with BlueSKY were. Their responses made interesting reading!

It’s easy for us to tell you what a great firm we are, and the significant value we add. However, hearing it from the people we work with directly highlights the enormous benefits clients get from BlueSKY. Here’s what they told us.

Peace of mind

You might think that working with a financial planner is all about the numbers. Getting the best return on your investments. Making sure you have ‘enough’ when you retire. Minimising your tax liability.

For many of our clients, working with BlueSKY offered a much more intangible benefit: peace of mind.

From identifying the reassurance ‘that we have an expert finance partner who we trust’ to ‘knowing that the Team at BlueSKY are working in my best interests’, clients consistently identified that one of the key benefits of working with us was that we reduced the stress and worry.

One client even described working with us as removing ‘the financial burden’.

“Working with BlueSKY takes the worry out of my financial situation as a single middle-aged woman on a limited income approaching retirement.”

Understanding and clarity

Alongside peace of mind, clients also told us that they appreciate the increased understanding and clarity they get from working with BlueSKY. This comes both in terms of having a clearer understanding of their financial position and feeling more in control.

Benefits that clients identified included:

  • A better understanding of long-term spending plans in retirement
  • Receiving advice and clear explanations of my finances
  • Understanding the impact on finances for retiring early and long-term planning.

“Reassurance, by having face-to-face explanations of the facts and options, allowing me to be (and feel) in control of my future.”


Clients also consistently identified ‘security’ as one of the key benefits of working with BlueSKY.

We often find that many clients simply don’t have the confidence they need to make financial decisions. Creating a plan and modelling their future often gives them the ‘light bulb’ moment they need to take a big step or to start achieving their life’s ambitions.

From ‘quantifying what our retirement looks like financially’ to the ‘security of having someone manage my portfolio’, clients were keen to highlight the ‘sense of security’ that working with us provided.

“Significantly reduced the level of concern over the financial future of me and my family.”


As well as the intangible benefits of working with BlueSKY – from security to peace of mind – clients also highlighted the quality of our expertise and advice.

Many found it hugely reassuring that a team of experienced professionals were looking after their affairs, and clients highlighted benefits including:

  • [Providing] projections of income and capital
  • Their ability to sort out existing pensions and finding better ways to secure them along with investing lump sums
  • [The ability] to speak to an expert who understands our specific needs and is adaptable enough to allow us with their guidance to achieve them
  • Understanding what drawdown means in practical terms and that other options are available and will be reviewed regularly.


The final point that came across strongly in the feedback we received from clients was that they trust BlueSKY.

Clients told us that they valued our ‘year-on-year consistency of approach’, and that they didn’t have to be ‘concerned with the day-to-day performance of our investments.’

“When I feel in need of a sense check of my thinking it is important to have an expert on hand.”

Get in touch

These are just some of the ways our clients tell us they benefit from working with BlueSKY. To find out how we can help you, please get in touch. Email info@blueskyifas.co.uk or call us on 01189 876655.