<h1>Untying the knot with confidence: 7 steps to managing your finances when you divorce - BlueSKY</h1>

Separating is an emotional time where things are uncertain, and the future looks unclear.

You may be experiencing all sorts of uncomfortable feelings and unsure of who to turn to or where to start.

According to a recent survey conducted by Brewin Dolphin, 59% of those thinking about leaving their partner delay the decision mainly because they don’t think that they can do afford to pursue a divorce.

Some of your concerns might centre around the legal costs involved and how your finances will look after the divorce. We’re often asked: “Will I be able to survive financially once this is over?”

There are, of course, many other challenges to work through. If there are children in

the relationship, then you will need to put their needs first, and you’ll need to reach an agreement about their ongoing care and financial support.

This guide aims to inform and signpost you to where you can get support. Click the ‘Download’ button to get your copy.

As a business, BlueSKY is a firm of Chartered Financial Planners who have been helping people with the financial issues arising from divorce for more than 20 years.

Consequently, this guide focuses on the financial aspects of divorcing, particularly on the merits of seeking early advice. You will also find useful general guidance on the divorce process, to help you with the choices that you face along the way.

While we can’t help with all your needs during divorce, we can act as your confidant and partner to help you weather the storm. We can point you in the right direction where necessary, and help you reach the better days that surely lie ahead.

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