Linden Baxter

It was hugely reassuring to have Mark in my corner when I was going through my divorce.

My name is Linden, and I’ve been a client at BlueSKY since May 2020.

I needed to work with a financial planner because I had received a pension settlement as part of my divorce. I also had some money coming in from my parents, who are divesting themselves before they die so they don’t need to pay quite as much Inheritance Tax. So, I needed someone put it all together.

I’ve known Mark for the best part of 20 years, both as a friend and neighbour in the village. I knew about the business and he’s someone that I’ve come to trust over the years.

To start with, he was very helpful during my divorce when discussing how to work out the financial settlement I was due. He gave me good advice on splitting my assets with my ex-husband.

He was really helpful on how to invest the money that I had coming in, where it should go and what type of risk I ought to take, in terms of the income I’m looking for. He came up with a profile that showed me what I could expect to get after I retire at different levels of risk and explained the whole process in a way that I could understand easily.

I’m very reassured about my financial future now my investments are doing quite well. I’ve got a good long-term investment plan that I’ve talked through with Mark that will see me right through my retirement.

Having Mark in my corner was incredibly reassuring when I was going through my divorce – actually having him and my lawyer together was better than any therapist. They reassured me at every point that I wasn’t the crazy one, and that what I was asking for in court was perfectly reasonable.

Mark was extremely helpful when it came to working out the assets that I had and their value, and what sort of things I should be asking for. He was just a hugely reassuring presence at my side through that process.

I would describe Mark as professional, and he’s always been extremely impartial with the advice that he gives. He is very responsive to my email inquiries, and even if he might think they’re ridiculous questions, he answers them sensibly and thoroughly. He’s reliable and helpful and very, very easy to talk to and deal with.

The best thing about working with Mark and BlueSKY has been the high level of trust working with them. I know they’re going to give me great advice. They are a reputable, responsible company with years of experience behind them, and I trust that whatever advice they give me will be in my best interests.

I would definitely recommend that anyone going through a divorce should seek financial advice, just to get a handle on the assets that you have and to calculate their worth. Advice can help you get your head around the process and ensure that your future is secured.

BlueSKY are incredibly easy to work with. They’re a great company, really helpful and responsive, and I couldn’t be happier about being their client.