Investing wisely – Mike and Linda, Newbury


Like many people, Mike and Linda had been diligent savers throughout their lives.

Although they had secured a good level of pension income, it bothered them that their savings were being eroded by inflation. They were spending a lot of time ‘chasing rates’ with various banks to try and obtain an extra 0.5% interest here or there.

What did BlueSKY do?

Having reassured them through a robust cash flow model that they would never run out of money, we educated Mike and Linda on investing some of their cash assets and what was meant by ‘risk’.

Given that they were comparatively young retirees, they understood that their investment time horizon was much longer than they had originally considered.

The results

Mike and Linda invested some of their assets in a tax-efficient ISA portfolio aligned to their risk profile.

They no longer spend time ‘chasing rates’ and spend more time with their grandchildren. They are hopeful that the fruits of their investments will pass down to their loved ones when they are no longer around.

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