Deborah Jones

My financial future feels significantly more secure now I'm working with Jeremy.

My name is Deborah Jones, and I’ve been a client at BlueSKY for approximately seven years.

We approached BlueSKY, my ex-husband and I, as we were going through a divorce and looking for a pension sharing report.

When we met with Jeremy, we went through various scenarios. Providing Jeremy with all the background information was fairly straightforward and simple. It was all nice and clear. Then Jeremy provided us with a full report, which we were able to digest initially. Then we met with Jeremy, and he actually went through every part of the report in quite a lot of detail, which obviously made it much easier for us to make decisions about how we chose to go forward with that information.

Since meeting Jeremy all those years ago, we took his advice on the pension sharing report. It was great for both of us as we move forward, as we were able to look at the information he shared with us. Since then, the money was obviously shared between my husband and I, which I asked Jeremy to invest for my future. We’ve since met regularly to analyse the details of the actual investment. All in all, I’m really happy.

My future feels significantly more financially secure now that I’ve had all the advice from Jeremy. I feel he’s invested my funds well. We analysed my outgoings, how many years I had to retirement and so on, and planned accordingly. That way, we knew that when the time came, there would be sufficient funds available to me to pretty much keep the same standard of living as I have now. That’s something that we look at quite regularly. I’m very pleased in that respect, and am more than happy with how things look going forward.

If I wasn’t working with Jeremy, I don’t think I would be as comfortable as I am at the moment. I’ve never made any time for pensions, I don’t understand them. I certainly would prefer to take professional advice about how to invest funds and how to manage them. Without the input from Jeremy, I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today.

The best thing about working with BlueSKY, particularly with Jeremy, is just their complete openness. They’re always available to speak and, on a few occasions, I’ve called Jeremy just to check through a few things. He’s always very accommodating, whether that’s via email or a Teams call. I genuinely always feel I can approach Jeremy should I need to, and we’ve had regular annual meetings over the last couple of years. But I always know that if I have any reason to speak to him in between, he’s always very happy to speak to me, which I really appreciate.

The words I’d use to describe Jeremy and BlueSKY are open, approachable, and highly professional.

I would certainly recommend that if anybody is going through a divorce and pensions are involved, they should seek advice. Going through a divorce is a very emotional time and having somebody with an expert opinion looking over your situation can give you a well-rounded report, as we had. It removes the emotional element of the process and gives you someone to expertly advise you going forward.