Coping with bereavement – Karen, Reading


Karen was in her mid-40s when her husband Dave died suddenly.

Notwithstanding the trauma that his death caused from an emotional perspective, Dave had also been in charge of the family’s finances whilst Karen had been the main earner. Fortunately, Dave had been prudent enough to arrange life cover, so Karen was financially secure for the short term at least.

What did BlueSKY do?

Karen’s experience of managing pensions and investments was limited and she had no real appetite for doing so.

We first took the time to get to know Karen and her goals for the future. Once we understood where Karen wanted to get to, a financial plan was constructed to simplify matters, provide direction and ensure that her pensions and investments were invested accordingly.

The results

In the course of our implementation process, legacy pensions were consolidated, tax-efficient liquid investments were arranged, inheritable ISA allowances utilised and a trust set up for the benefit of Karen’s children.

Karen now feels secure that her finances are being looked after and she can concentrate on spending time with her children.

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