BlueSKY client satisfaction survey: What our clients said

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to complete our recent client satisfaction survey.

Here are some of the statistics that came out of your responses:

  • 97% of people would recommend us to family, friends or work associates.
  • In fact, 75% of people have already recommended us to others, either in the past 12 months or over 12 months ago.
  • 97% of people are very satisfied with their adviser’s understanding of their needs, goals and objectives.
  • 100% of people believe that working with us has helped/will help them to achieve their financial goals.

We were delighted with the testimonials that many left when completing the survey. We read each and every one, and where permission was given, we have added them to our new site because we think they are really helpful to new potential clients.

Here are just a few of the testimonials we received:

  • “The BlueSKY team deliver in a responsive, efficient way that leaves you confident you are in safe hands. The performance to date confirms that. I’m glad I switched to BlueSKY. My only regret…that I didn’t do it sooner!”
  • “Excellent service and knowledge that provided a sense of reality check towards our retirement planning. We now have someone we can contact for our financial matters and also face-to-face sessions when required. Thank for providing us with a sense of assurance.”
  • “In a world of ever-changing pension regulations and an inability to understand any of them, BlueSKY have been my life saver. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

We also wanted to know what could be improved, and we received some really helpful feedback. You can see our responses below:

  • “Perhaps an occasional newsletter about the general state of the markets and talking about the team a little.” We will now include this within the monthly newsletter that we have recently launched. You can sign up to it here.
  • “Occasional notification of any new investment opportunities that could be relevant to my situation.” Our team continually review new investment opportunities on the market; naturally, we think this is a good idea, so we will incorporate a ‘product spotlight’ in our newsletters. Again, you can sign up to it here.
  • “To have the paperwork prior to the meeting so that I could frame more relevant questions.” While we try to minimise the paperwork that our clients have to deal with, some have asked for this to be available to them. Client views seem to be mixed on this, but we are considering whether a pre-meeting pack can be sent to clients to bring to the meeting with them. This gives those who wish to review paperwork the opportunity to do so.
  • “New website to include financial articles on matters that can affect investments such as impending changes to legislation, budget changes and inheritance.” We have had some great comments on our new website and more of you want to see relevant investment and financial planning content. This is exactly what we are intending to do, but useful content does take time to generate. Check the website regularly to see how this develops.
  • “Quarterly updates on investment progress.” As our client, you always have web access to your portfolio valuations, but we suggest that caution is exercised here. Our job is to monitor your investment portfolio for you. Fluctuations in values are inevitable, but financial and investment planning is a long-term strategy. We want long-term progression rather than short-term gains.
  • “Open longer hours including weekends.” Our advisers are fairly flexible with their times so do ask, but they all work pretty hard anyway and deserve time off! We try to practice the work/life balance that we council so many of our clients on.
  • “A plate of biscuits at our annual face to face meeting.” And, finally, the most important thing. A fair request, and something we used to do until our lovely team discovered them! We thank our hungry clients for the reminder and will reintroduce biscuits which will be kept in the office safe!

Again, thank you to everyone who took the time to let us know their thoughts.

If you didn’t get chance to complete the survey and would like to leave a testimonial or feedback, you can email us at