3 useful “pensions on divorce” webinars that can help you and your clients

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For more than 20 years, we’ve worked with professionals to provide advice and guidance to clients going through divorce.

One of the ways we support our professional colleagues is by providing resources to help you to develop a greater understanding of issues relating to pensions, financial advice, and separating clients.

Recently, we hosted three informative webinars highlighting some of the key areas that professionals and their clients should be aware of when it comes to pensions and divorce.

These webinars are now available on our website and on YouTube – here’s a summary of the recent content and where you can catch up with these useful sessions.

Pensions and divorce – Hints and tips

In this webinar, you will gain a greater insight into the key areas of pensions on divorce. Discover:

  • The full BlueSKY Chartered Financial Planners “finances on divorce” service and the many benefits to your clients
  • What the first Pensions Advisory Group (PAG) report covered, and what to expect from PAG 2
  • The best way to approach pension offsetting.

Mark Penston has more than 20 years of experience producing Pension Sharing Reports and you’ll discover his top hints and tips to help you get the most from pension sharing and offsetting reports.

Watch the webinar on YouTube.

The Pension Sharing Report – Things to consider

This session is perfect if you’re a family legal professional and you want to understand the key areas you need to consider concerning Pension Sharing Reports.

You’ll learn when obtaining a Pension Sharing Report is appropriate, how to put together a focused letter of instruction, and some of the important elements contained in a report.

This webinar will help you understand:

  • Things to look out for when carrying out an initial assessment of the parties’ pensions
  • How to write a focused letter of instruction
  • How to understand a Pension Sharing Report, and its implications.

Jeremy Jackson has almost a decade’s experience of producing Pension Sharing Reports and so you can discover suggestions to help you gain a better understanding of the pension report process from start to finish.

Watch the webinar on YouTube.

Working with a financial planner to get better results for your client

This session is for family legal professionals and will clarify the key areas where a financial planner can assist with the financial aspects of divorce.

The session includes consideration of the various stages of a divorce, during which a client, solicitor or mediator may benefit from working with a financial planner who has detailed knowledge of the divorce process.

You’ll see some useful references to cases that BlueSKY have worked on, and the benefits generated for all parties concerned.

This webinar will help you understand:

  • How working with a financial planner in the early stages of divorce can help provide focus and speed up the process
  • How to use a financial planner as a “shadow expert”
  • The benefits of working with a financial planner once clients have reached a settlement to ensure that their financial needs are met post-divorce.

Rob Starling is a Resolution accredited specialist and has spent more than 10 years producing Pension Sharing Reports and working with solicitors, mediators, and clients throughout the divorce process.

Watch the webinar on YouTube.

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