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Thinking of Transferring? Some things to consider

Important Notice: Bluesky are not currently taking on any new instructions for Defined Benefit transfers, however, we have left this page and the accompanying guide on our website for information purposes.  If you would like to discuss your wider financial planning requirements, please get in touch.

Defined benefit pension schemes are often described as “gold plated” schemes due to the guarantees and certainties they provide on the level of income that will be paid to you, your spouse and potentially other dependents.

However, some of the features offered by final salary pension schemes may not be aligned to an individual’s overall financial objectives and a transfer to an alternative arrangement may offer more appropriate options in certain circumstances.  A transfer out is unlikely to be suitable for most individuals.

Whilst the flexibility of benefits under personal pensions can be very attractive, they do inevitably include a number of risks.

This guide will cover:

  • Comparison of Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Pensions
  • Transfer Risks
  • Scenarios where a transfer might be beneficial
  • Scenarios where a transfer is unlikely to be beneficial
  • Costs of transfer analysis

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